KPMG Boxwood’s values provide inspiration and guidance for our people, shaping everything we do - from the way we recruit and develop our people to the delivery of transformational results for our clients.

Our values are summarised by three guiding principles that describe what we aspire to be, and the unique character, spirit and identity of our company:

People – at the heart of all we do

  • Trust and respect: We respect the growth, personal development and well-being of our people and support each other to provide constructive feedback across the board. We strive to give and earn trust. We value candor and sensitivity, courage and fairness.
  • Working as a team: We are all part of the Boxwood team and we approach challenges together. We work as generous team players, building up the people we work with.
  • Living balanced lives: We put as much passion and imagination into our personal lives as we do our work. We believe this is a vital part of building a sustainable business and enables us to continue to deliver across competing personal and professional demands.

Partnership – what we do and how we do it are equally important

  • Pride in our clients’ success: Our success is inextricably linked to the success of our clients’ businesses. We go the extra mile and aim to ensure we achieve positive results for the people we work with and their companies.
  • Combining capabilities: We don’t work for other companies, or do things to them - we work with them. We combine our talent with the best of our clients’ talent to create uniquely capable joint delivery teams.
  • Creating heroes: We look for opportunities to make heroes of people in all corners of our clients’ organisations. This builds engagement and commitment and leads to high performance.

Performance – we are always chasing ‘better’

  • Transformational results: One of our basic principles is that working with Boxwood will bring the best results for our partners in both the short and the long term. We strive to be the most sought-after transformational partner.
  • Courage to push boundaries: Our tenacity, stamina and grit set us up to deliver successful transformational programs. We also emphasise humility and recognise that we are only as good as our last success.
  • Never satisfied: We enjoy the race and recognise the fact that what we did yesterday may not be relevant, or enough, tomorrow. We are proud of our past achievements, but what truly inspires us is what we can achieve in the future.