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Next generation retail: The rise of the omni-platform

Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and other platform business models have turned the world of retailing upside down. Retailers need to transform their customer offer and organisational models to survive, and thrive, in this brave new world. It’s time for a proactive approach. In this paper we provide a pragmatic view of what type of platforms are available, what benefits & threats they can bring to your business, and how best to build a plan to counter (or be part of) these. Read more…

November 2017
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As the retail industry continues to transform, disruptive business models are changing the way we shop. Consumers are demanding convenience, value and an amazing experience.

Retailers must learn and adapt or die. This paper examines some of the disruptive businesses that are shaping how our customers think and looks at what more traditional retailers can do to respond.

March 2016
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Surviving - and thriving - after a merger

In 2014, Dixons and Carphone Warehouse merged to form Dixons Carphone.The £3.8 billion‘mega-merger’was one of the largest inthe U.K. retail sector and is also seen as one of the most successful. This paper provides insights and perspectives on the process, the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and the key factors in the ultimate success of the merger.

March 2016
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White Paper: Execution Excellence

Creating an effective strategy isn’t easy, but it is relatively logical and straightforward. Getting your organisation to consistently execute the fantastic customer proposition that your strategy contains is, however, another story. To a large extent, this has always been true. However, the world has changed in recent times and execution excellence has become a whole lot more difficult to achieve.

In this white paper, we explore why it is now even more difficult to execute a customer proposition excellently and consistently. We discuss how to overcome the obstacles and deliver a consistent, profitable and differentiated customer experience.

March 2015
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The 3 As: Apple

In the final of our series, The 3 As, we look at Apple, one of the world’s most iconic and innovative brands. Apple is now facing new challenges: leadership succession, product design, competition from Android devices, and the fast-growing opportunity in Asian markets. Can Apple continue to wow its consumers and remain one of the world’s most successful brands?

December 2014
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The 3 As: ASOS

​In the second of our 3 As series, we look at online fashion pure-play pioneer ASOS and how they built a successfully sticky and social online platform whilst remaining an investors’ sweetheart for over a decade.

October 2014
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The 3 As: Aldi

​In a new series, the Boxwood Consumer team examine the future of retail via four companies with winning strategies: Aldi, Apple and Asos. This first instalment investigates the 2013 Retail Week UK Retailer of the Year: Aldi. Aldi excels at bringing costs down, keeping prices low for its customers and keeping operating costs to a minimum.

May 2014
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Lost in translation: why good strategies fail to deliver

In our experience it is rare to find a new strategy that is fundamentally wrong. Even in today’s complex and fast-moving world the majority of business leaders, sometimes assisted by consultants, are more often than not capable of working out what their business needs to do differently in the future to survive and thrive.

April 2014
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