Neill Whittaker

Neill is a partner at KPMG with over 18 years’ cross-sector experience in the successful delivery of transformational change.

Neill Whittaker

Neill has led a multitude of business wide transformation programmes across the retail, construction and technology sectors. His strength is in the design and delivery of strategic change programmes, which drive unreasonable results. He has delivered strategic turnaround, business growth, profit improvement and customer transformations.

During his career with KPMG Boxwood he has consistently delivered outstanding results. He puts this down to his drive and determination, his “never give up attitude” and his ability to become a trusted advisor and mentor to senior teams and executive leaders. Neill is a dynamic and adaptive leader who has a knack of succeeding in the face of adversity and taking the people with him.

Neill has been with Boxwood since 2004, following a challenging career in engineering, strategy development and programme delivery.

He is equally passionate about family, music, water sports and cycling in mud!