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Comms Business: How to avoid being the giant that M2M left behind

We all look forward to the day when, thanks to M2M, our fridges order our milk and our smart meters regulate our heating. But as M2M (“machine to machine”, which connects isolated machines and devices to the internet to create an ‘Internet of Things’) becomes reality, who will be the winners and losers? Stuart Bradley discusses.

November 2014
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Computing: Delays in IT programmes - what to do when things go wrong

IT programmes go wrong for a variety of reasons, but at the heart of every failed programme is poor communication between people. People make mistakes, relationships deteriorate and delays happen. Delay in itself becomes a compounding factor as situations and requirements then change. Dealing with those issues in a timely and cost-effective manner will help prevent delays becoming endemic.

June 2014
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Technology - hero or villain?

Our business aspirations are thrashing our technology capability to a point where ‘IT’ and ‘success’ are never heard in the same sentence.

The unstoppable trend to omni-channel retailing illustrates the conundrum where every new channel both requires considerable investment yet simultaneously erodes margins – the so-called “Race to the bottom”. Unless you are very lucky, legacy systems were never designed to do what we now ask if them. This isn’t just a problem for the ‘IT guys’ to resolve, it is a business wide challenge. Read more

August 2013
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Creating ideas that work

Great strategies and great innovations are essential to drive businesses forward. But what really counts is the ability to execute on them. In 2013, why not focus instead on doing less - and achieving more? Jon Dakin discusses the the key things to get right when mining ideas from the workforce in his article in Comms Business.

February 2013
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Technophobia: What are CEOs so afraid of?

Management Today: Technology continues to move forward at an alarming pace but a large number of CEOs are failing to mobilise their companies to take advantage of these technological leaps and bounds. Why? Click right to read the article by Boxwood Director Jon Dakin.

January 2013

MCA Awards 2011

Boxwood won three awards including the overall Platinum award for our work with Carphone Warehouse. In addition, we won awards for Change Management in the Private Sector with Carphone Warehouse and Operational Performance in the Private Sector withTrader Media Group.

August 2011
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