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Latest white paper: ‘Next generation retail: The rise of the Omni-platform’.

We’ve launched our latest thought leadership paper: ‘Next generation retail: The rise of the Omni-platform’.
Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and other platform business models have turned the world of retailing upside down. Retailers need to transform their customer offer and organisational models to survive, and thrive, in this brave new world. It’s time for a provocative approach. In this paper we provide a pragmatic view of what type of platforms are available, what benefits & threats they can bring to your business, and how best to build a plan to counter (or be a part of) these. Read more…

November 2017
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Retail Week Live: Industry is lagging behind in AI adoption

We recently attended Retail Week Live where Partner, Matt Clark, spoke on a panel discussing the future of AI. You can read the Retail Week Live summary of Matt’s presentation now.

March 2017
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We’ve launched our latest thought leadership paper

Our thought leadership paper: ‘Robocalypse Now? What the next industrial revolution means for retail,’ is now available to read. We already live in challenging times and as retail leaders we deal with changing shopping habits, channel shifts, economic and political uncertainty and disruptive new competitors on a daily basis. The next wave of disruption is firmly upon us - intelligence and advanced robotics will transform the retail model as it will many other industries.

In this paper we provide context what is happening in other industries, debunk some myths and draw conclusions about what the technology can and can’t do. Overall we aim to bring some clarity to the practical application of both physical and cognitive automation in the Retail model.

March 2017
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