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Announcing KPMG’s new UK Head of Retail – Paul Martin

We’re proud to announce that former KPMG Boxwood Insight Director, Paul Martin, has been appointed UK Head of Retail UK at KPMG. Paul joined KPMG Boxwood in 2013 as a Managing Director for Boxwood Insights.
Paul has worked in the retail sector for close to 20 years and is well known to many of the industry’s leading players. Having worked extensively overseas, he brings a true understanding of international retailing and consumer behaviours to the role.
Congratulations Paul!
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October 2016
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LSBF interviews Chris Wakerley in their Great Minds series

KPMG Boxwood Partner, Chris Wakerley, discusses his experiences of business in an interview with Dr Steve Priddy, Head of Research at London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).

LSBF Great Minds Series aims to provide their students with insight through a collection of video interviews with leading business and political leaders promoting debate on education, employability, entrepreneurship and the economy.

July 2016
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Estates Gazette: Waving the flag

KPMG Boxwood Insights Director, Paul Martin comments in an article that explores how the creation of new flagship stores in Oxford Street will affect one of the world’s top shopping destinations.

May 2016
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The Retailer: Delivering Growth - the international option

KPMG Boxwood Insights Director, Paul Martin wrote an article for the BRC publication, The Retailer: ‘Delivering Growth - the international option.’

The Why, Where and How of internationalisation.
Growth. It’s the holy grail of any retail business, and especially hard to come by in the current market. But to grow you have to be better than the rest of the pack, and stealing market share from your UK competitors can be complex and hard won. So what’s the answer? Read more ...

February 2016
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ConsumerCurrents: Time for grocers to think the unthinkable

KPMG Boxwood Insights Director Paul Martin wrote an article on grocers for KPMG’s publication ConsumerCurrents.

ConsumerCurrents provides senior executives at consumer goods companies, insight on topical industry issues, global trends and business planning.

January 2016
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