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International retail expansion should not be a vanity affair

Retail Times has published an article by Matt Clark on the opportunities and obstacles to international retail expansion Many UK retailers have already expanded extensively overseas and, if you listen to the press and pay attention to conference speeches, this is a ‘must do’ activity for retailers that want to grow. However, many of the retailers that have expanded have not enjoyed the experience. Hence our question: is international expansion an essential growth strategy or an ego trip for the leadership team that distracts the organisation? Of course the answer is – depends on how you do it…

December 2012
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We must learn from Comet’s mistakes

The Grocer: has published an article by Matt Clark on facing the challenges in today’s consumer market.

November 2012

Fight for survival entails leading from the front

Retail Week have published an article regarding the research and findings from our thought leadership paper on what it takes to lead successful transformation whilst under sustained financial pressures. One of the key challenges today’s leaders are facing is striking the right balance between short term needs and long-term growth opportunities.

October 2012

New business models can revive the British High Street

Does the rise in online shopping signal the death of the High Street? Click right and turn to page four to find out in an interview with Matt Clark, Director of Consumer

September 2012
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