Working at Boxwood

We work in complex environments delivering transformational results with high energy, intellect and pace. We are all part of a single KPMG Boxwood team, approaching challenges in partnership with our clients’ people.

KPMG Boxwood has strong values with our people at the heart of our business. We work together to foster a unique team spirit, challenging and supporting each other in equal measure.

Practice and capability:

As part of one of KPMG Boxwood’s practices, you will play a key role in the development of leading-edge thinking and capability which will help transform our clients and shape their industry.


We’re ambitious and want to continuously improve. Among our team we have a vast range of cross-industry and functional experience, knowledge and skill. We take every opportunity to share this, developing and publishing best practice and new thinking together.

Keeping connected:

Our people are embedded in partnership with our clients and dispersed geographically. KPMG Boxwood hosts a calendar of events to enable us to remain networked and connected with our colleagues and clients past and present.