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Join KPMG Boxwood and transform leading businesses.

When you join KPMG Boxwood, you are embarking on a career working with and transforming leading businesses in the UK and globally. You’ll be working alongside some of the most committed and talented people anywhere, part of a company that is redefining the consulting industry.

We employ exceptional people who thrive on working with ambitious organisations to drive growth, improve profitability and unlock value.

For further information about current vacancies and opportunities, together with details of how to apply, please consult the KPMG careers page.

Working at Boxwood

We work in complex environments delivering transformational results with high energy, intellect and pace. We are all part of a single KPMG Boxwood team, approaching challenges in partnership with our clients’ people.

What we look for

We are uncompromising in our search for the best people, creating a business that delivers outstanding results for our clients.

What we offer

We employ, develop and retain truly exceptional people who deliver transformational results for our clients.