At KPMG Boxwood, creating and providing Insights for our clients is a key part of our DNA. Our publications are intended to demonstrate our ability to address the big issues leaders are facing in today’s business environment. By constantly generating new Insights, we aim to provide a fresh perspective on established thinking and stimulate the mind. Our approach is always focussed on delivering impactful insights that can be applied in the real world.


Robocalypse Now? What the next industrial revolution means for retail

We already live in challenging times and as retail leaders we deal with changing shopping habits, channel shifts, economic and political uncertainty and disruptive new competitors on a daily basis. The next wave of disruption is firmly upon us - intelligence and advanced robotics will transform the retail model as it will many other industries.

In this paper we provide some context on what is happening in other industries, debunk some myths and aim to bring some clarity to the practical application of both physical and cognitive automation in the Retail model.

March 2017
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KPMG Retail Outlook 2016 by Paul Martin

A summary of the retail trends facing retailers and consumers. Paul Martin, UK Head of Retail at KPMG, presented this at NG Retail Dublin (17-19 October) for European retail executives.

October 2016
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Disruptive influences: Three key trends transforming the face of retail

As the retail industry continues to transform, disruptive business models are changing the way we shop. Consumers are demanding convenience, value and an amazing experience.

Retailers must learn and adapt or die. This paper examines some of the disruptive businesses that are shaping how our customers think and looks at what more traditional retailers can do to respond.

March 2016
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