Wine Bar Theory dinner: An antidote to inefficiency

On Thursday 11 June 2014, Boxwood was joined by 12 top executives at the Century Club in central London to dine in the company of David Gilbertson, author of ‘Wine Bar Theory', a concept described by him as “an antidote to inefficiency”. This is a somewhat appropriate subject for us, as in the work we undertake, we consistently see clients become paralysed by trying to do too much at once and drowning in complexity. As such, the core concepts of the book - simplicity and focus -are hugely useful to bear in mind as you undertake business transformation, and in life in general.

The dinner was chaired by Paul Martin of Boxwood and those present included senior figures from a broad spectrum of companies in the Consumer, TMT and charitable industries. Conducted under Chatham House rule, the discussion was refreshingly candid and provocative, fuelled by the thought-provoking ideas in David’s recently published book.

12th Jun 2014, Century Club, London