Retail Business Technology Expo 2014: Omnichannel – Cannibalisation & Profit Killer?

Boxwood Insight Managing Director Paul Martin spoke at RBTE 2014 on the topic of Omnichannel: Cannibalisation & Profit Killer?

Omni Retailing: State of the Market

Graham Thomas, Director, IORMA - Making Money from Omni Retailing and Paul Martin, Boxwood Consulting/Director of IORMA - Panel Discussion with Q & A

Omni/multi-channel remains to be the overused and under-defined buzzword being bandied about by many people who want to be seen as having an opinion in the retail and consumer facing sectors. Whilst this discussion is no surprise a serious point must be made about this topic. Many retailers are busy grappling with ‘omnichannel strategies’, creating ‘digital roadmaps’ and building ‘digital capability’. All laudable stuff you would think, given the opportunity that new technology presents for commerce. However, experience has demonstrated that many of the projects being pursued are ill-conceived and value destroying. The proverbial ‘tail wags the dog’ when over-enthusiastic digital plans triumph over customer needs and business common sense. We firmly believe that therefore a well-defined customer strategy must proceed an omnichannel strategy. Business leaders must take accountability for directing the priorities to support organisational objectives. Paul Martin, Managing Director, Boxwood Insights Graham Thomas, Director, IORMA

12th Mar 2014, Olympia, London