European TCG Retail Summit 2015

Director Gitte Ganderup will speak at the Retail Summit in Madrid.

Designing a winning operating model: Creating a successful business structure to meet your customers’ needs

Speaker: Gitte Ganderup, Director, Boxwood

The retail market is changing and becoming ever more competitive and complex. A retail organization’s success or failure hinges upon its ability to react to market conditions. But today, the velocity of disruption to retail markets is coming at such a pace that not even the fastest level of reactivity can keep an organization from falling behind the curve and potentially losing market share. To differentiate from the competition, retailers must re-evaluate their entire retail enterprises to deliver synchronous shopping that’s simple, smart, seamless, frictionless, intuitive and inspiring. This means that retailers must immediately establish the proactive, agile and responsive operating model that is required to successfully compete and win.

In this session we will explore: • What are the most common big shifts retailers need to undertake in their operating models • What are the key criteria for success • What does good look like – examples from winning organisations

23rd Apr 2015, Mirasierra, Madrid