Transforming a proud legacy into a sustainable future at Arco.

Arco is a long-established leader in the workplace safety market – but their market was changing rapidly. Fierce competition from new players, rising cost pressures and changing customer expectations had seen growth decline significantly.


Boxwood worked with the business to help them understand what was really important to customers, and what was stopping Arco from delivering it. They helped Arco implement a new, more relevant customer value proposition and operating model.

The results saw operating profit grow 32%, customer satisfaction reach highest –ever levels and colleague engagement scores rise dramatically – helping Arco transform its proud legacy into a sustainable future.

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“Boxwood were much more than consultants. They were partners who invested time to really understand our business and they shared our ambitions for all our stakeholders - our people, our customers, and our community - and were every bit as committed as we were to achieving them. Their commitment and focus helped us through some very big, and sometimes very difficult, decisions - and enabled us to create the foundation for a lasting legacy.”Thomas Martin, Joint Managing Director (and family member), Arco

MCA Awards 2015 Highly Commended: Change Management in the Private Sector