Establishing OpEx capability to achieve ambitious targets.

Establishing an Operational Excellence capability for a top ten pharmaceutical company to achieve ambitious cost and efficiency targets.


Pharmaceutical organisations are necessarily complex due to the vast range of specialisms and knowledge they need to support. Because of this, practices, processes and systems are likely to diverge and drift from the optimum, leading to increased cost and reduced effectiveness.

A leading pharmaceutical company needed to establish a continuous improvement ethos to deliver improved and standardised ways of working across all functions and sites. Boxwood led a joint team to build such a culture, both centrally and within operating units. Credibility was initially established via a series of ground-breaking ‘exemplar projects’, driven centrally but implemented locally within a number of business units. Thereafter, functional capability was embedded through a programme of coaching and training, leaving the company with the capacity and will to exceed its efficiency and savings targets under its own steam.

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