TMT case studies

“The publishing business has gone from strength to strength – we are driving growth into markets that people were only too ready to write off. We have come a very long way in a very short period of time.”David McMinn, Managing Director, Trader Media Group

Unlocking potential in an underperforming media business.

Creating a vibrant media group from a disparate set of brands by implementing a new operating model that increased profitability, customer service and employee engagement.

29% uplift in digital revenue.

We helped the Guardian achieve a significant uplift in digital revenue and overall profitability. This was done by creating a new digital-first and globally-focused strategy, then implementing a new operating model to deliver it.

Costs reduced by 53% year on year.

Boxwood transformed Trader Media’s publishing arm by designing and implementing a new operating model that maximised its profitability in the short term and accelerated its transition to an online-only business.