29% uplift in digital revenue.

We helped the Guardian achieve a significant uplift in digital revenue and overall profitability. This was done by creating a new digital-first and globally-focused strategy, then implementing a new operating model to deliver it.


Faced with declining revenues and £38m in operating losses, Guardian News and Media (GNM) knew they needed to do more than just cut costs in order to survive. Boxwood led a joint team that created a groundbreaking business model to transform the business from print to online, while retaining the principles that made GNM great. Results were immediate and spectacular: profitability is now ahead of budget by more than £13 million and digital revenues are up by 29%. An exciting future lies ahead.

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“The team of consultants was as skilled as you would expect. What was unexpected was the speed with which the individuals were able to adapt their styles to work with people at the Guardian whether it was the operations team or the creative areas. Consultants normally stick out like a sore thumb. This time we had the experience of people who quickly learned to both fit in and keep us challenged.”Sheila Fitzsimmons, Executive Director, Transformation, Guardian News and Media

MCA Awards 2014 Highly Commended: Change Management in the Private Sector