Watch out Private, Public’s upped its game!

The public sector has been the butt of many ‘what not to do’ articles in terms of improving their relationship with the customer and engaging with the digital world to do this.

How to avoid being the giant that M2M left behind

When M2M (“machine to machine”, which connects isolated machines and devices to the internet to create an ‘Internet of Things’) becomes reality, who will be the winners and losers?

Performance Management and the Hurry Sickness

We are in the midst of an epidemic, and many of us don’t even realise we are sick. We rush from meeting to meeting, fitting in a quick conference call while we edit a document in the taxi. We push the elevator call button impatiently...

Back on track?

Shortly after being ranked as Europe’s most trustworthy company for accounting and governance by Forbes (a worthy accolade), Go-Ahead picked up the biggest prize in UK rail...

You always pay for change

Every year, businesses invest millions of pounds to make projects and change happen – a study by the PMI shows that less than 2/3 of these projects deliver their intended benefits and 17% fail outright [1]. The business impact of this is staggering.

Wine Bar Theory dinner: An antidote to inefficiency

On Thursday 11 June 2014, Boxwood was joined by 12 top executives at the Century Club in central London to dine in the company of David Gilbertson, author of ‘Wine Bar Theory', a concept described by him as “an antidote to inefficiency”.

Question Time 2014: Driving sustainable growth in international businesses

On Thursday 27 March 2014, 40 top executives gathered in the ballroom of The Connaught Hotel to discuss an essential topic in today’s business landscape: how to drive sustainable growth in international businesses.

Morrisons and the discounters - a proportionate response?

Last week, Morrisons announced their expectation that underlying profitability for the current year...

Unbearable Wearables

Lessons we should be learning from 10 years of Digital Transformation.