KPMG Boxwood’s work has been recognised by prestigious industry awards fourteen times in the past fifteen years. Most recently we were Finalist at the 2017 Awards with McCarthy & Stone. In 2015 we were Highly Commended for our work with Arco in 2015 at the MCA Awards. In 2014 we won Project of the Year, as well as the category award for Performance Improvement in the Private Sector for our work with Balfour Beatty. We were also Highly Commended in Change Management in the Private Sector for our work with Guardian News & Media. We were shortlisted for the Strategy Award for our work with Travelex.

MCA Awards 2017 shortlisted: Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

We're proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the MCA Awards 2017 in the Performance Improvement in the Private Sector category with McCarthy & Stone. You can read our 100 word summary of the project by clicking the link below

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MCA Awards 2015 Highly Commended: Change Management in the Private Sector

Arco is a long-established leader in the workplace safety market – but their market was changing rapidly. Fierce competition from new players, rising cost pressures and changing customer expectations had seen growth decline significantly. Boxwood worked with the business to help them understand what was really important to customers, and what was stopping Arco from delivering it. They helped Arco implement a new, more relevant customer value proposition and operating model. The results saw operating profit grow 32%, customer satisfaction reach highest –ever levels and colleague engagement scores rise dramatically – helping Arco transform its proud legacy into a sustainable future.

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“Boxwood were much more than consultants. They were partners who invested time to really understand our business and they shared our ambitions for all our stakeholders - our people, our customers, and our community - and were every bit as committed as we were to achieving them. Their commitment and focus helped us through some very big, and sometimes very difficult, decisions - and enabled us to create the foundation for a lasting legacy.”Thomas Martin, Joint Managing Director (and family member), Arco

MCA Awards 2014 Winner: Project of the Year and Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Driving radical efficiency gains to unlock a £1.2 billion opportunity How do you reduce costs by 20% while maintaining the same level of service? That was the task facing Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, the power behind the North West Gas Alliance. And with hundreds of jobs and £1.2 billion in revenue at stake, the pressure to succeed was huge. Boxwood were engaged to help. The programme they designed and led created a fundamental change in mindset – and complete commitment from the entire workforce. It not only succeeded in meeting the highly demanding challenge, but also helped Balfour Beatty win a total of £1.2 billion in revenue over the next eight years.

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“Our work with Boxwood not only helped us secure more work with National Grid, we have also introduced the innovations across other contracts – benefitting our clients and making us a more competitive organisation.”Colin Kelly, Managing Director, Balfour Beatty

MCA Awards 2014 Highly Commended: Change Management in the Private Sector

Since 1821, the Guardian has been one of the world’s leading news and media organisations. However, with 2010/11 results showing revenues down and an operating loss of £38m, urgent action was needed. Editor Alan Rusbridger and CEO Andrew Miller had an ambitious 5-year plan to create a sustainable future for Guardian News and Media and asked Boxwood to help implement it. A joint team created a groundbreaking business model to transform the business while retaining the principles that made GNM great. Results were immediate and spectacular: profitability is now ahead of budget by more than £13 million and digital revenues are up by 29%. An exciting future lies ahead.

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“The team of consultants was as skilled as you would expect. What was unexpected was the speed with which the individuals were able to adapt their styles to work with people at the Guardian whether it was the operations team or the creative areas. Consultants normally stick out like a sore thumb. This time we had the experience of people who quickly learned to both fit in and keep us challenged.”Sheila Fitzsimmons, Executive Director, Transformation, Guardian News and Media

MCA Awards 2014 Shortlisted: Strategy

Travelex is the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist. Peter Jackson, its CEO, wanted to accelerate implementation of the Board’s business strategy. He wanted to focus the organisation, improve the way resources were used and increase the rate of growth. Peter was to understand how value was created for customers. That analysis created a powerful vision for how delivery of the strategy could be accelerated to exploit global opportunities. Excellent stakeholder management and rigorous implementation ensured people were aligned with the strategy and the new working practices that brought it to life. As demonstrated by Travelex’s recent financial results, the programme has been a resounding success.

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“I believe there were two key driving factors to the success of this programme: the joint Travelex/Boxwood team adopted a robust and consistent approach and plan to organizational announcements. This was coupled with a genuine understanding amongst the broader team of the future vision and strategy – and importantly, a belief that this is the right next step for Travelex.”Peter Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Travelex

MCA Awards 2013: Highly commended for Change management in the private sector

Underground network. Facing intense pressure to improve efficiency, and with the full glare of public scrutiny on London’s transport system in the lead up to the London Olympics, Tube Lines engaged Boxwood to help. The challenge was to transform the business from operating in silos to focusing on organisation-wide goals. It was the biggest organisational challenge Tube Lines had ever faced. Getting it wrong carried significant risks for the entire network; instead, Tube Lines and Boxwood got it right. The project has helped transform the London Underground.

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“Boxwood was prepared to get their hands dirty and really make things happen, Their ability to relate to our people at all levels meant they quickly built up a high level of credibility. Boxwood was instrumental in creating a culture that allowed us to make the changes we needed to make and do more with less.”, Director of Operations

MCA Awards 2012: Winner of Change Management in the Private Sector

Grosvenor owns and manages some of the most sought-after property in the world. However, it recognised that if it was to continue to maintain and enhance the estate for future generations, a fundamental reinvention was required. Their objective was to transform a solid, secure business into one that was also a dynamic organisation, and in the process deliver significantly better results for its customers, employees and shareholders. We were engaged to help Grosvenor plan and implement Fast Forward: a radical programme of change in their flagship London Estate. In an organisation with a history of resisting change, the programme delivered lasting benefits, including more than doubling profit.

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“Boxwood left a lasting legacy in the business. They have helped us deliver our goals over the last year, but their key achievement was to engage the whole organization in the necessary change and make it happen through our own people who now have a real ownership for the new ways of working.”, Chief Executive

MCA Awards 2011: Winner of Operational Performance in the Private Sector

When a traditional publishing business with sales declining at a rate of 26% per year met the biggest recession since the 1920’s, radical measures were called for. Although TMG were managing the migration to online well, there were issues and inefficiencies in its traditional publishing business which meant that unless costs could be radically reduced, its future was under real threat. A joint Boxwood / TMG team developed and delivered a comprehensive plan which not only ensured the survival of the publishing business, it also fundamentally transformed it. Twelve regional centres were reorganised into three, titles were merged and the core process was changed in just fifteen weeks. Costs were reduced by 53% year on year - with no loss of revenue through the transition. Nine months after project completion, revenue and EBIT had increased by 20%.

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“The publishing business has gone from strength to strength – we are driving growth into markets that people were only too ready to write off. We have come a very long way in a very short period of time.”David McMinn, Managing Director, Trader Media Group

MCA Awards 2011: Project of the Year, Winner of Change Management in Private Sector

Over a sustained period of rapid growth, inefficiencies had crept into the Carphone Warehouse (CPW) operation. Early processes had scaled beyond their ability to keep track with their dynamic business, resulting in additional costs. In the face of a severe economic recession, CPW identified a need to reduce costs substantially and immediately. They engaged Boxwood to help them simplify the business and reduce costs. An ambitious target was exceeded with in-year savings of £60m. The creation of a new operating model led to a further £30m in savings in the following financial year.

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“The programme run by Boxwood transformed CPW UK’s operations and culture in only 6 months. Operating costs were reduced by 15% during the year and the operating model was radically changed.”Paul Davis, UK Finance Director, Carphone Warehouse